The Blue Armada Project is an effort to create a group of dive boats with captains, divers and equipment.  We have 30 missions ready to launch in 2016 between Sebastian Inlet and Jupiter Inlet on the Treasure Coast of Florida. The primary logistic at this point is fuel cost. We aim to solve this challenge by linking municipalities, business and individuals to each fleet. Please click on Financial disclosures on how monies are utilized. 

Please sign up here to volunteer as a Boat Captain,Scuba Diver, Deck Hand or Bubble Watcher.

These missions include: 

1)Situation Reports of debris locations

2) Removal of fishing line, nets and marine debris hazardous to marine life from ship wrecks, reefs and inlets

3) Reef restoration projects

4) Artificial reef monitoring and maintenance

5) Lion fish eradication

6) Emergency deployments

April Price, April Price and Associates and Coordinator for the Treasure Coast Waterway Cleanup has established a network of Dive Boat Captains, Divers and other volunteers for this project. The epicenter of the Blue Armada is Port Salerno Commercial Fishing Dock Authority.

A fleet consist of 5 boats with captains and crew.  An armada is made up of two or more fleets. A fleet can be sponsored for $1000. The 30 missions can be underwritten for $6000.

See Financial Disclosures for how monies are utilized.

Jupiter Inlet Fleet Underwriter: 

  1. Captain X 
  2. Captain X
  3. Captain X
  4. Captain X
  5. Captain X

Port Salerno Fleet Underwriter: Skydive Georgia

  1. Captain X
  2. Captain X
  3. Captain X
  4. Captain X
  5. Captain X

Emergency Deployments is designed to establish a network of boats available to launch on short notice to remove hazards to marine life such as drift nets or "tumbleweeds"

This does not include removing entanglement from marine mammals as this is the responsibility of trained authorities.


 Fort Pierce Inlet Fleet Underwriter:

  1. Captain X
  2. Captain X
  3. Captain X
  4. Captain X
  5. Captain X

Sebastian Inlet Fleet Underwriter

  1. Captain X
  2. Captain X
  3. Captain X
  4. Captain X
  5. CaptainX

Roving Fleet Underwriters

The main thrust of the clean up is the Treasure Coast Waterway Cleanup on July 23, 2017. All other missions launch as teams are available. The teams are interchangeable and can be underwritten individually at $200 per mission.

  1. Captain X
  2. Captain X
  3. Captain X
  4. Captain X
  5. Captain X
  6. Captain X
  7. Captain X
  8. Captain X
  9. Captain X
  10. Captain X

From a previous operation at Sebastian Inlet State Park. The operation was a great sucess and everyone found it helpful to use the open source of the website.

The Operation: Blue Streak dive in Sebastian Inlet State Park has been rescheduled to August 18, 2007

The Earth Day Journal, is asking for dedicated scuba divers, boat owners and other volunteers to help with an underwater clean-up of Sebastian Inlet State Park. Operation: Blue Streak is the Scuba operation of the Fishing Line Awareness Campaign. We are staging a plastics and monofilament clean-up of underwater reef systems, marine shorelines, inlets and seas. {mosimage}

Meeting time and location 8/18/2007
On August 18 the published high tide is 12:10 PM. This puts slack tide between 2:45 and 3:30.We plan to deploy divers in to the Inlet around 2:00 PM. We need to meet by 1PM at the at the Sebastian Yacht Club.

Lunch is sponsored by Rotary Club of Orchid Island at Riverview Park,12 Noon

Riverview Park Map

Boats w/ Divers 8/18/2007
Water N Sports-Confirmed John Yust - Captain -
  • Monia Yust - Bubble Watcher
  • Kyle Von Kohorn
  • Henry Stevens - Diver
  • Lynn Jenkins - Diver
  • Sam Wolfe - Diver
Skip McConnell - Captain/Diver

(Indian River Shores Public Safety Dept. & Environmental Learning Center)

  • Rick Lyman - Diver
  • Eric Johnson - Deck Hand
Scott Leitgeb - Captain.
  • Eugene Muckridge - diver
  • Lori Gargiule diver
  • Lori Mutter Deck Hand
Wayne Bloom - Captain
  • Don Voss - Diver
  • Marian Jacklich - Diver
  • Andrew Coull - Diver
  • Jeff White - Diver
  • Kerrie Lyn Reece - Deck Hand
  • Joesph Stubbs
The Varsolonas - Captains
  • Sean Murphy - Diver
  • Samuel Cody Stubbs - Diver
  • Bill Snyder
  • Jennings Sr.
  • Jennings Jr.
SW Shoreline Deployment Team
Divers requesting boats waiting list
  • Anthony Luminoso
Chase boats
Sea Doo - Connor Roth
Inlet bridge walkway bubble watchers
  • Kerrie Lynn Reece
  • Nicole Ramsey
  • Meagan O'Boyle
  • T.B.A
Plan of Operation
We plan to meet at the Sebastian Yacht Club (Map).

Ben Dumont and Don Voss will meet atTIME T.B.A. and set up Briefing at T.B.A

Load and head out by TIME T.B.A.

Back by TIME T.B.A.

Clean up and weigh in done by TIME T.B.A.

NOTE: Final dive times will be discussed by the scuba team with Ben DuMont as Captain.

  • Michael Hughes
Public Relations
  • Jill Price
  • Kerry Lynn Reece
Weather Information
  • Fishing line kills birds, sea turtles, crustaceans, and marine mammals.
  • Six-pack rings, fishing line and strapping bands entangle and kill thousands of marine life yearly.
  • Debris fouls propellers and/or causes engines to overheat.
  • Plastics can last hundreds of years! A careless moment by us can impact marine life on Earth through our lifetime and our children's children's children.
  • Operation: Blue Streak is about calling attention for the need to schedule underwater maintenance of popular marine environments. The program is a benefit to fishermen too. Stories abound from fishermen who have lost catches on submerged monofilament fishing line and nets.

    The Blue Streak project is named after the Cleaner Wrasse, which is nicknamed "Blue Streak". Click here for a description. The scuba team is to removing monofilament from the marine environment as to what the Cleaner Wrasse is to cleaning parasites from predator fish. This is known as symbiosis.